Saturday, September 06, 2014

Arminianism and slavery

Did the Calvinistic assumptions of Edward’s theology contribute to his support of slavery? How did prominent Calvinists of the era approach the issue slavery, and how did prominent Arminians address the issue?
Good question. Let's take him up on the offer. Here's how a prominent Arminian addressed the issue:


  1. As they say, "pot, meet kettle".

  2. I have an idea that our "American christianity", (that has been another name for arminianism) has not enough time to accumulate many headline sins. When God calls us to account, your point is true that slavery will be at the feet of arminians Christians too.

    The complex problem about encouragement of democracy falls on many laps in our national activities. A few of Americans think it is good to have war and under the table struggle to foster political democracy. Those of us who follow "American christianity" see how freedom to choose politically will be a step to individuals choosing religious faiths. That would be their ultimate goal for Muslims, other pagans to have the choice to choose Jesus Christ. My contention is that this acceptance of warlike interference is a sin of itself that could be noticed by future world people who have learned different sensibilities. Or going to the Judge Himself, God could call them to account for that sin.

    This is a little murky because we will all be called to account for our sins. It will have company. Just like other calvinist sinners, arminians will have this particular share.

    To others who don't follow the point, God's plan will work without obligatory war. God will call his people out of the Muslim societies. Yes, there are self-less missionaries working for them. There is the active Spirit of God working among them. I also realize that God will use secular nations to limit sinful people. God does not need war for salvation though an arminian might consider it a necessity.