Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tim McGrew v. Peter Boghossian


  1. WOW! Over 40 minutes of the beginning of the discussion was devoted to their disagreements regarding the definition of "faith." I think that's a good thing since confusion, muddled thinking, and equivocation often occurs when it's not made clear (by both theists or atheist) in what sense they are using the word "faith" in any given context.

    Here's a link to my LIST of (currently) 14 definitions of the word "faith" as used by both Christians and many non-Christians (including atheists). I'm willing to add more definitions to the list if anyone provides a good distinction that's not already included.

  2. Tim did a wonderful job, I just wish he had said "Oxford English Dictionary" instead of OED. I have had a public interaction myself with Peter Boghossian, which I blogged about recently: -- same complaints.

    Incidentally, Steve, is there any chance you would consider adding Treesearch Apologetics ( to your links on the right? The site just launched last month. (I've been following triablogue for a long time and I think you'll agree with all the major content.) Either way, keep up the great work. =)