Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Islamification of the SBC

Paige Patterson has ignited a firestorm by admitting a Muslim to SWBTS. One issue is whether he has the authority to do so. Does this violate SBC policy?

But there's a substantive issue. A basic problem with admitting Muslims to a Christian seminary is that Muslim students will demand accommodations to their religious sensibilities. It becomes a way for them to destroy Christianity from the inside by infiltrating and gutting Christian institutions. The presence of Muslim students will eventually dilute the curriculum and Christian identity of the school. Muslim students will take offense a Christian prayer, Christian worship (i.e. chapel), Christian theology (i.e. the person and work of Christ), Christian missiology (i.e. evangelizing Muslims), Christian church history courses (i.e. about Islam), and Christian comparative religion courses (i.e. about Islam). It will have a chilling effect on what professors feel free to teach. 


  1. Methinks Paige Patterson may be losing his grip on reality. Either that or this is just a natural direction for Arminian based theologies.

    1. Given its indiscriminate view of redemption.

  2. I'm sure it's part of a broader student exchange program that Paige has negotiated such that soon Christian students will be allowed to enroll in the madrasa of their choice, and enjoy reciprocal instructional, institutional, and cultural accommodations.

    Crazy like a fox!