Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bernard Nathanson’s “The Silent Scream”: ultrasound video of an abortion

In the spirit of showing videos of abortions, here is one that was done some time ago. As I was saying in comments, I'm not sure why this one doesn't get more visiblility. This is an ultrasound video of a live child being aborted. The "procedure" begins around 16:00. Maybe some of our readers who hang out in pro-choice circles could share this video with some of their friends. Caution, this is graphic and disturbing.


  1. We showed this video at the pro-life club at NYU. Of course, no one was interested. Well, we did have one plant from the pro-choice club visit (who lied to us and pretended she was someone who heard about the event from a friend).

    1. This is the "choice" they are defending.