Friday, May 09, 2014

"Anti-gay" remarks

"News" outlets are reporting that the Benham brothers have been blacklisted due to "anti-gay" remarks. 

I'd simply point out that to equate opposition to homosexuality with being "anti-gay" is about as logical as equating opposition to drug addiction with being "anti-junkie." 

To the contrary, it's because we care about the wellbeing of drug attics that we oppose drug addiction (including highly addictive and destructive drugs). By the same token, opposition to homosexuality is, among other things, out of concern for the mental health, physical health, and spiritual well-being of individuals trapped in homosexuality. 


  1. By the logic being employed TGotB is "anti-gay", and anti-adultery, anti-fornication, etc.

    The PC propagandists also set up a neat dichotomy with their approach; one is either "anti-gay" or "pro-gay".

    "Tolerance" = "Accepting"

    The Benham brothers don't appear to have used language nearly as strident as Paul in his epistles nor that of Christ in His Revelation to describe the eternal plight facing the unrepentant sexually immoral.

    Sadly it seems to me that the church militant is largely AWOL on this issue, among many others, and has collectively lost her prophetic voice.

    Christ has something to say about salt that has lost its flavor. Woe to us who tacitly deny Christ before men by our failure to speak the truth in love because of the fear of man.

  2. Well, who cares about drug attics? What is far more foundational is that we should care about drug basements and cellars.