Sunday, March 09, 2014

Flight MH370

For some reason, commentators are ignoring the obvious explanation for the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370. This is clearly one of those alien timeslip scenarios. Anybody with a passing knowledge of science fiction can recognize the telltale signs, viz., missing planes, missing hours, missing days. 

After six years of the bungling Obama administration, our cosmic overlords have lost patience with humanity. This is a precursor to invasion. At best, it's an intervention to correct our social evolution. At worst, the aliens are now expanding their dinner menu. The only remaining question is what will emerge from the Mother Ship when it descends on New York or DC. Tentacles? Antennae? Carapaces? 


  1. Acc. to the military the flight has changed it path towards Malacca and after that they lost the signal .... even with the advanced technology we are unable to track an missing aircraft ... its shame .....