Monday, March 10, 2014

A Very Good DVD About The Evidence For Jesus

I recently watched a DVD that I want to recommend, titled Jesus Of Testimony. At the time I'm writing, you can watch a large portion of the DVD, the main segment of it, for free here. The DVD includes some extra segments that apparently aren't available online.

The presentation consists primarily of scholars commenting on the evidence for Jesus' existence, his miracles mentioned in the gospels, his resurrection, his fulfillment of prophecy, modern miracles, and other matters pertaining to Jesus and Christianity. There are some non-scholars included, and you occasionally hear from the narrator, but it mostly consists of scholars like Richard Bauckham and Craig Keener discussing the relevant evidence. It includes the testimony of a man healed from blindness after prayer during a Christian church event, along with footage of some documentation for the miracle.

Since it's a DVD of such a limited duration, covering so many topics, it doesn't go into a lot of depth. But the vast majority of people would learn a significant amount from it, and even people who are more knowledgeable about these issues might learn some things and would benefit from having what they already know reinforced. I don't agree with every comment made by every participant on the DVD (e.g., Greg Boyd's comments on the atonement, which, fortunately, were kept out of the main presentation, but, unfortunately, were included among the DVD extras). The large majority of the DVD, however, is very good. I think it would be useful to show it, or portions of it, in church services and in Sunday school classes and to give it to non-Christians and Christians who don't have much familiarity with the issues.

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  1. It is very useful; I would buy a copy if they could only guarantee that it would work in the UK!