Thursday, January 02, 2014

Lemon meringue pie

Responding to Leon Brown's recent allegations regarding "twinkles" in the PCA, Gene Cook interviewed Chuck Norris and Brock Lesnar on the Narrow Mind about the underreported lemon meringue pie syndrome. ("White on the outside, yellow on the inside.") Norris said he always wanted to play Hamlet at the Stratford festival, but as a six-time world karate champion, he was forever typecast as a lemon meringue pie. For his part, Brock Lesnar confessed for the first time why he really quit the UFC–after B. J. Penn kept waving a picture of a lemon meringue pie and pointing to Lesnar. "You have no idea what it feels like to be a 6' 3" 300 lb. lemon meringue pie," he exclaimed, wiping a tear from his eye. "Once a white guy gets a reputation for kung-fu, he can't shake the label!" Lesnar and Norris were both sporting T-shirts emblazoned with the defiant motto:
I am not a Lemon meringue pie!
Norris also mentioned a petition they were circulating, signed by Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, Randy Couture, Steven Seagal, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme, David Carradine, and George St-Pierre–all protesting their lemon meringue pie image.  

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  1. No one should EVER be described or classified as a pie since this is a crime against humanity. However being called a Lemon Meringue pie takes a backseat to being called a Chocolate cream pie which is the original and most disgusting pie-ism. Many performers have lived out there entire lives being typecast as "White on the outside, chocolate on the inside." Particularly dancers such as Fred Astaire, Arthur Murray, Gene Kelley, Denny Terrio and others have had there careers hamstrung by being pigeonholed on a particular pie shelf being passed over by less qualified performers classified as more popular pies. They have been even buried with their defiant motto "I am not a Chocolate Cream pie!" to inspire solidarity and defiance for future generations. So those classified as Lemon Meringue pies need to remember to stand in solidarity and (back) behind with those classified as a Chocolate Cream pies.

    bon appetit