Friday, January 03, 2014

Canada, eh?

Leon Brown has been inveighing against Hostess inspired and other snack related racial stereotypes (e.g. see here).

But I submit the real danger lies in a different direction: North!

Specifically, the mighty maple leaf land we know as our friendly neighbourhood (translation: neighborhood) Canada.

I don't mean to say Canadians are the danger. Although in ice hockey and tuque themed headdress fashion shows that would doubtless go without saying. Canadians ask for no quarter, and no quarter is given. (Unless someone is in need of spare change, in which case I've found Canadians are more than happy to assist with a 25-cent piece caribou coin or more.)

Rather I believe Canadians are the ones in danger. They're the ones facing unjust discrimination for nothing more than being polite Canadians.

Whatever do I mean? Have I gone crazy? «Est-ce que j'ai des bébites dans ma tête? Mais non!» (Translation: "Enjoy our delicious poutine, or we'll separate from you!")

I move that the gentlefolk reading this post observe the second to last sentence in #7 (also see here):

Each Canadian resident who is a potential winner will be required to answer correctly a mathematical skill testing question without assistance of any kind whether mechanical or otherwise to be declared a Winner and be eligible to collect a prize.

It would appear Disney has not required other nationalities to do the same in order to win a family vacation to the happiest place on Earth. Why does Uncle Walt and company single out the kind Canucks? And with "a mathematical skill testing question" no less?

It's not as if potential American or British or South African or Singaporean or other winners have to calculate, say, the exact time down to the nth decimal point it takes light to travel from the Sun to Pluto (the astronomical object formerly known as a planet, not the pup) without so much as a piece of paper and pencil, right?

So, Disney, what's all this really aboot (translation: about)?


Patrick aka rice rocket Twinkiengineer, in solidarity with my True North brethren.


  1. Patrick,

    As a Canadian, I thank you for seeing our plight, a result of being nice guys, and raising your voice on our behalf. One would think it a fairy tale if not for the facts you clearly lay out.

    Alas, no quirky Canadian phrases or words in this remark. However, gratitude is a trait we exhibit. :-)

    1. Thanks, Ian! Your humble, grateful words are almost enough to persuade me to switch to the metric system. :-)