Thursday, December 12, 2013

Never mess with the Antichrist


This is why I pour salt around entry points and have devil's traps (e.g. pentagons) painted on ceilings. You can never be too careful when Obama's demonic reptoid shapeshifters come knocking. 


  1. lol!

    Always take opportunity for a Supernatural allusion.

  2. The Birthers were half-right. They were just a little bit off about his true paternity. Anyone who's seen The Omen or Rosemary's Baby can connect the dots!

  3. Steve, I haven't seen or read Rosemary's Baby but did see all three Omen movies, the third climaxing in Damien becoming the Ambassador to England to fulfill the prophecy in an obscure writing, about Antichrist coming out of the Angle or Angel Isle, understood to be England.

    I think evidence points toward a political leader since the person in patterned upon Antiochus Epiphanes in Da and 2 Thessalonians.

    Would you tease out the Rosemary's linkage?

  4. Just had a chance to read the article. I take it Rosemary's Baby was similar to Omen in that those who stood in the way mysteriously died in dramatic ways.

    I really should see RB; I remember hearing the name when I was young but didn't know anything about the movie other than it was horror of some form.

  5. It's similar to RB in that Rosemary's baby was also the child of the devil.