Friday, December 13, 2013

Men on strike


  1. Not only is this a war on boys and men; It's a war on both sexes. They are trying to destroy our differences and genuine diversity in the name of "progress" and "liberation." The problem is this isn't actually liberating people, but chaining to a completely contrived and unnatural version of themselves. Men are told that being a protector and provider is being a chauvinist. Alternatively, women are told being a nurturer and homemaker is not contributing to society in a meaningful since you don't have some kind of self-actualizing career. The problem is that the only to actual be self-actualizing is to not try to self-actualize and just do your God-given duty, whatever that may be at the time.

    Also, why is sleeping around with as many women as possible considered cool, while kissing your kindergarten girlfriend predatory? It would seem to me the first is both predatory and pathetic, but I can't help but think the second is kind of adorable as long as the girl doesn't complain.

  2. I read "men on strike" by Helen Smith. It's a great book. I'm getting really tired of men being the scapegoat for the breakdown of everything, including the family. I'm sorry to say this, but the evangelical church is one of the most guilty parties in all of this. Yes, the feminist movement is culprit #1. Because of the feminist movement, the legal system is so anti-male and anti-father, that it's taken away the incentive for men to get married. And of course, the evangelical church claims to be anti-feminist, but it carries out the feminists dirty work by bashing males and alienating them...and then churches wonder why men don't want to come to church! Mark Driscoll's preaching is just one of many examples of this. The funny thing about Driscoll is that for his tough guy gimmicks, he's shown himself to be quite a small man.