Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why churches matter more than ever

As the power elite is increasingly imposes godlessness on the general cultures, churches are more important than ever. Churches are God's sleeper cells. Although some megachurches are prominent, most churches are pretty inconspicuous. The impact they have on the neighborhood usually eludes the apparatus of the surveillance state–leaving a moral, spiritual, and intellectual footprint rather than a digital footprint. 
By the same token, Christians are God's sleeper agents, like spies behind enemy lies. God has them embedded throughout the culture, in the public and private sector. Once, when I was at the hospital, by the bedside of an ailing relative, I got into a conversation with a nurse's aid, who was a Christian. Not a glamorous job. But the kind of job you'd expect a Christian with a heart for service to take.
The power elite can try to stamp out the overtly public symbols of Christianity, but like a tree with a deep root system, what's most influential about Christianity lies underground rather than above ground. 

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