Sunday, August 18, 2013

O love of God


  1. He is listed as "Horatius Bonar" 1808-1889
    Bonar has been called “the prince of Scot­tish hymn write­rs.”

    His hymn is titled "O Love of God, How Strong and True"
    Words here:

    The words make this Choir singing to mean something to me. I could not understand the words from the choir itself.

    Though Reagan was not a church go-er, this funeral was at the Washington National Cathedral, (Episcopalian).

    Horatius Bonar started the ministry in the Chruch of Scotland, and in 1843 moved to the Free Chruch, all these early Scots strains of presbyterianism.

    None of this information is mine, I found it on the websites and wikipedia.

  2. From information about Bel Air Presbyterian Chruch, Reagan did attend and became a member there.
    They must have felt more comfortable in California.

    Background info here: