Friday, August 16, 2013

A Fundamentalist Makes A Rare Appearance

A commenter on a Skeptiko forum recently mentioned that "a fundamentalist has in fact appeared at the Skeptiko site". You get the impression that a fundamentalist is some sort of rare species that's seldom seen in those regions. He's referring to me. If anybody is interested, here's the thread where I posted. The discussion is primarily about near-death experiences and exclusivism, but some other topics came up as well. The poster who referred to me as a fundamentalist, even though I described myself as a conservative Christian instead, probably wouldn't want a derisive term like fundamentalist applied to him. Notice, too, how much of my argument he ignores and how he distorts the portion he responds to. But those aren't the issues I want to focus on here.

I recently wrote about the neglect of paranormal issues among Christians. Why don't Evangelicals, conservative Catholics, conservative Eastern Orthodox, and other conservative professing Christians have far more of a presence at places like Skeptiko?

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  1. Just read your posts. Great responses. It's so good to have Christianity represented by a knowledgeable and competent Christian apologist at that website.