Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Life Of George Herbert

At a Desiring God conference earlier this week, John Piper gave a biographical address on the poet George Herbert. And here's an archive of previous biographies he's done, in video, audio, and written format. I highly recommend them. We live in a secularizing and trivializing age, and Piper's biographies run contrary to that spirit.


  1. I happen to have been listening to William Lane Craig's "The Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection" today and after the lecture Craig reveals how the resurrection of Christ has impacted him personally. I found it very moving. I've qued it up HERE.

    He bears his soul more openly than his usual recitation of his conversion testimony which can be viewed HERE

    Also, I've collected some testimonies (or bios) I've recently come across in the past year or so that I've found very interesting HERE

  2. Thanks, Jason. :-) I've listened to all of Piper's biographies in his "Men of Whom the World Was Not Worthy" series, and been immensely edified by the sermons. I'll definitely make sure to listen or watch this one on Herbert as well. Thanks again. :-)