Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Sun Came Down To Earth

"That which, long ago, the Patriarchs travailed with, the prophets foretold, and the righteous desired to see, has come to pass, and received its completion today: God both was seen upon the earth through flesh and associated with humans. Therefore let us rejoice and be glad, beloved….For consider how great it would be to see the sun, descended from the heavens, running its course upon earth and thence sending forth its rays upon all. And if this happening in the case of the perceptible sun would have astounded all who beheld it – behold consider with me now – how great it is to see the Sun of righteousness sending forth rays from our flesh and illumining our souls." (John Chrysostom, On The Day Of The Birth Of Our Savior Jesus Christ, p. 180 here)

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