Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have Yourself a Barry Little Christmas

Because It's Christmas


    Steve, you seem to have little idea of Christian unitarian theology. If you did, you’d know that we too believe in a self-revealing God, who by his spirit inspired the prophets and apostles, and through them the Bible, and who loved us so much that he sent his only Son as the best and last revelation of him.

Given the season, his claim raises an intriguing question: How do Christian* unitarians celebrate Christmas? They can’t very well sing “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” or other Incarnational Christmas hymns and carols. Well, I suppose they could–with their fingers crossed.

What does their hymnal look like? Is there a Christmas section, or blank pages at that point in the calendar? More likely, a Christian* unitarian hymnal has the Barry Manilow Christmas repertoire:


Jingle Bells

Violets for Your Furs

Happy Holiday

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

My Favorite Things

The Christmas Waltz

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

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  1. Gives new meaning to the lyrics "Make the Yuletide gay" *g*