Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Preacher man

server10/23/2012 9:16 AM

"I don’t listen to his sermons."

Whose sermons do you listen to, or whose sermons do you recommend?

Just to clarify, when I said I don’t listen to his sermons, that doesn’t mean his sermons aren’t worthwhile. For me, it’s just a question of time management. I don’t generally consult sermons for exegesis.

Although it’s unusual, some professional Bible scholars are pastors. Of the top of my head, I can think of John Currid, Douglas Stuart, Paul Barnett, Iain Duguid, R. T. France, and Jim Hamilton. No doubt there are others.

I do think it would be good for Christians to read or listen to sermons by professional Bible scholars (conservative evangelical scholars). Expository sermons that are properly grounded in the sermon text, and not just tacked onto the text.

There are other preachers who are very good at practical theology. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is an obvious case in point. I believe you can now listen to his sermons for free.

And, yes, I’d recommend John Piper. He’s eloquent, theologically solid, and a careful exegete.

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