Friday, October 26, 2012

Free audio of selected Martin Luther writings

Christian Audio is offering a free download of “Martin Luther: In His Own Words”, read by David Cochran Heath. The download includes the following works:

The Small Catechism
95 Theses
On Faith and Coming to Christ
On Confession and the Lord's Supper
Of the Office of Preaching
Excerpt from Luther's Tower Experience
The Last Written Words of Luther

I’ve listened to a bit of this, and the performance really is excellent.


  1. "Wes das Herz voll ist, des geht der Mund über." (Matt. 12:34)

    Luther was so greatly used by our Lord. I hope and pray the Church would embrace these kinds of wonderful "tools" for us to help us grow in the truth and grace of God.

    Thanks for the post.

    Have a Lord focused weekend and especially Lord's day! His love for us His own beloved is beyond any possible expression of love.

    here's a good hymn for you that blessed me this morn:

    1. Thanks Don. I hope you have a great weekend :-)