Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Corduan on Carrier



  1. Carrier's arrogance never ceases to amaze me, but I guess when you are smarter than Aristotle it is allowed.

  2. "At the very least, [David] Wood cannot argue against the fact that I am no less a philosopher than Aristotle or Hume. My knowledge, education, and qualifications certainly match theirs in every relevant respect."- Richard Carrier

    I wonder if he can ever find a hat or cap big enough to fit his head....

  3. IIRC, Carrier received his bachelor's from Berkeley and doctorate in ancient history (or was it classics) from Columbia.

    Berkeley has a good undergraduate ancient history program but undergraduate ancient history only goes so far. What's more, I recall an ancient historian prof at Berkeley who had been at Yale as well telling students how all the best and brightest undergraduate history majors (and related like classics) at Berkeley went into other fields rather than choosing specialized doctoral work. For example, many went into law. Apparently a lot of the history faculty were encouraging them to do this as well. Indeed, I've heard Berkeley history profs say historians with doctorates from Ivy League institutions are a dime a dozen and usually unemployed or employed as post-docs or adjuncts on two year stints or the like. But perhaps this anecdotal evidence isn't fair.

    Generally speaking, Columbia's ancient history or classics department isn't as top notch as others like Harvard, UPenn, UMich, Chicago.

    Does Carrier have any publications in highly regarded academic history or classics journals? I've only noticed journals like Philo.

    Has he spent significant time in places like Israel, Greece, or Turkey?

    Anyway, if we want to play the education and qualifications game, it's not as if Carrier graduated from Harvard or was a Rhodes scholar.