Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Sticks and Stones"

A friend in the UK informs me about a film pitch that his friend in Cambridge has made:
There's a film competition on right now called Enter The Pitch, in which prospective film-makers enter 2 minute pitches of films that are biblically based. Yes you heard right - films based on the bible!

My friend Dominic has created a pitch called "Sticks and Stones" for a historical comedy taking place in post-Exodus times, during the wanderings of God's chosen people in the wilderness. He's created a 2 minute cartoon that uses silhouettes against a stark orange background to portray characters and their actions in the orange-colored desert, I think it's quite funny and also pretty stylistic - there's also a cool voice over.

There are a total of 40 different pitches and you can view them on this website: http://www.enterthepitch.com

Dominic's pitch (Sticks and Stones) is number 309. There's a total of 40 pitches that made it into the long-list and if you register your details you can vote for three of them. Before you can vote, you need to have completely watched 6 pitches. There are some pretty exciting stories in there.

Anyway, if you're interested it would be nice if you could check out Dominic's pitch and vote for it if you'd like to see the full film made - remember it's number 309 and you need to register first before you vote. Voting closes on 30th November 2011.
BTW, you can view more of Dominic Halford's work here:

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