Sunday, November 13, 2011

God Doesn't Care Whether You Vote For George Washington Or Adolf Hitler

I just listened to one of Greg Koukl's radio programs from 2004. It aired shortly before the election that year. He was addressing the topic "Is God Neutral In The Election?". The discussion starts at the beginning of the second hour of the program, about halfway through the audio here. He's responding to a Sojourners ad about whether God is a Republican or Democrat. Koukl makes some good points against the ridiculous, but common, notion that it's inappropriate to say that God would want us to vote for one party or candidate rather than another.

There's a talk show on a Christian radio station in my area that portrays itself as somehow non-partisan, even though the hosts probably vote Republican in every election. I wonder if they'd apply their non-partisan approach to, say, the Communist party or Nazi party.

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