Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nobody Before The Reformation?

Next Monday is Reformation Day. One of the most common Roman Catholic objections to Evangelicalism is the claim that a particular Evangelical belief wasn't held by anybody prior to the Reformation. The argument takes on some other forms as well. Nobody held such-and-such a belief before John Huss. Or before John Wycliffe. Or nobody believed it other than heretics. Etc. Usually, the focus is on post-apostolic sources, especially the church fathers. Supposedly, we can't cite the Bible, since people disagree over how to interpret it or since it needs to be interpreted for us by some other source, for example.

We've discussed subjects like these in many of our posts over the years. See here for a collection of links to some of the relevant material. The post here is especially relevant, but there's a lot more in the other links as well.

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