Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kermit the atheist

Every notice that some folks have an outsize self-image that doesn't square with reality?

I Stand in the Gap

I am set for the express purpose of destroying the influence of evangelical Christianity in America and in the world at large.

Funny Kermit the frog poster


  1. Wow - have fun there John. Voltaire, John Lennon, Stalin, Nietzsche, and others who actually had people listening to or following them, couldn't pull it off but more power to you.
    Anything to get notoriety I guess.
    It's kinda like an ex-smoker. You are still a prisoner - but you are literally captivated from the opposite perspective.
    We will still pray for you - hope you don't get too mad about that.
    God's mercy on you.

  2. Did he just use the word "purpose?" Dood lost before he even started...

  3. Speaking of muppets,