Thursday, September 08, 2011

Prophets of Baal

Michael Horton has posted a response to Jay Sekulow. This may be the oddest part of Horton’s response:

We don’t live under the old covenant, driving the prophets of Baal through with the sword. Rather, we have the privilege of religious freedom for true and false worship in this country.

Was Sekulow urging Mayor Bloomberg to execute idolaters within the city limits of NYC? I don’t think so.

How does this have the slightest bearing on Sekulow’s letter to Mayor Bloomberg? How is it even analogous to what Sekulow was proposing? Horton’s statement is like an outtake from another movie which was accidentally spliced into this one.

But there’s another problem: Horton seems to think there’s only one worst-case scenario. But there’s more than one evil extreme.

For instance, it wasn’t so long ago that Eliot Spitzer was trying his best to shut down prolife clinics in New York. Spitzer eventually fell from power due to a prostitution scandal, but what if that fortuitous turn of events hadn’t thwarted his political ambitions?

Horton talks about religious freedom as if that’s a given, but Christian freedom of expression is under attack. 

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  1. I generally like Horton.

    I subscribe to Modern Reformation, listen to WH Inn from time to time, own a number of his books which I've found profitable, and I'm currently slogging through his systematic theology, but quite frankly this sounds like more Escondido R2K blather to me.

    Maybe Meredith Kline's ashes got sprinkled in Westminster West's water supply or something...

    In Christ,