Monday, September 05, 2011

The Obama follies

Liberal pundits are attacking Obama for “caving in” to the Speaker of the House over the timing of his televised address to a joint session of Congress. But his liberal critics are making the same mistake he did.

i) Obama was in no position to stand his ground. He has no jurisdiction over the Capitol. The Speaker of the House is not his employee. Congressmen don’t work for the Executive branch. He had no cards to play. Short of declaring martial law, he can’t force the issue. 

He had to back down. He had no choice.

ii) His mistake wasn’t that he “caved in.” His mistake was supposing that he could unilaterally dictate to Congress a Congressionally sponsored event.

What a dunce! No wonder he refuses to release his college transcripts. His monumental ego is matched only by his monumental stupidity. If you want to see what’s wrong with affirmative action, Obama is Exhibit A.

iii) If he were a wildly popular president, he might be able to muscle his way into the party. But when you’re politically weakened to begin with, it’s especially dumb to pick a losing fight. A fight you ought to know you can’t win going in.

iv) Who cares if Obama is going to give yet another “major” speech on his “#1 priority”? Here’s a guy who, when he isn’t on vacation, gives a speech a day. No one pays attention. When you give a speech a day, even your supporters tune out.

His presidency is one long speech, punctuated by golf games. People stop listening. Even supporters. Can anyone remember his speeches?

v) Is the economy bad because we suffer from a dearth of speeches by Obama? Would the economy suffer if we had one less speech by Obama? Would anyone notice?

Speeches are no substitute for results. If Obama had results, the results would do the speaking.

vi) It’s not as if Obama was in any hurry to give this speech. It’s been sitting on ice for weeks.

And when he does deliver it, this will be just another partisan rant denouncing partisanship.


  1. I for one am glad that he's exceptionally lazy and self-absorbed.

    He's taken at least 17 vacations in 32 months (not including weekend "getaways" to Camp David).

    He's been on at least 60 golf trips which, at an average of five hours per trip on the course (not including motorcade travel time to and from the links), means he has spent the equivalent of two months of working time walking the greens.

    He's attended at least 40 2012 re-election fundraisers since taking office.

    Given his record thus far, can you imagine the damage he could've done if he were a "true believer" possessed with a cause bigger than himself and driven an actual work ethic instead of being a shiftless, petty narcissist?

    In Christ,

  2. True. Obama is probably doing less damage than Hillary would. And he's discrediting the liberal cause in the process.

  3. Nice speech, Steve. Now tell me why Obama won't get a second term.

    We're screwed.

  4. "His monumental ego is matched only by his monumental stupidity."

    True, and this is just the latest instance in an ongoing pattern; Obama seems incapable of learning from past mistakes or even recognizing or admitting mistakes.

    The last thing we need is to provide this narcissist with affirmation.

  5. Too bad the average voter isn't smart enought to grasp any of unintended and intended consequences with the progressive movements views of government & economics. The approval rating for Obama is low because he is not liberal enough. To echo Pilgrim "we are screwed."