Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Split-personality narcissist

It's bad enough to be a narcissist, but when you're at war with your mirror-image, who's left to turn to? It's hard to be Dave Armstrong. Hard to be a bipolar solipsist.

BTW - I see that Mr. Armstrong is (in a post linking to this one) disputing Dinesh's status as a "high profile Catholic." Not long ago he himself described Dinesh this way:

"But it's funny that in the very next post, TAO applauds well-known political conservative and devout Catholic Dinesh D'Souza as a representative of Christianity in debate with an atheist:"

In the post linking to this post, though, Armstrong accuses Hays thus:

"Now we can all be entertained by Hay's inevitable sophistical spin. Somehow under his magical abilities of obscurantism D'Souza shall be transformed into (formerly) a devout, fully observant Catholic, and one who should trouble us, as if his departure casts doubt on Catholic truth claims in any way, shape, or form."



  1. Didn't something similar happen when David Waltz left Catholicism?

  2. To say nothing of Al Kimel...

  3. The way Dave reverses himself reminds me of how Catholics often will cite particular early church fathers. Where a father seems to support Catholic doctrine, that particular father is reiterating the "unanimous consent of the Fathers." But when that same father seems to support a doctrine contrary to official Catholic teaching, all of sudden the same father is merely voicing his opinion as a "private theologian".

  4. It is strangely convenient, isn't it AP?

    Maybe we should put together a Protestant-Catholic dictionary, to help other apologists communicate better with Catholics. Here's my attempt at a beginning:

    "Unanimous consent" - cherry-picked examples.

    "Private theologian" - wawawa can't hear you.

  5. "Unanimous consent" - cherry-picked examples.

    "Private theologian" - wawawa can't hear you.