Saturday, August 06, 2011

Calvin passes the OTF with flying colors!

What if Calvin took the OTF?

At the end of my last post, I asked a question: what would Calvin think of the OTF? It wasn't an idle question. If you are a Christian who believes in the predestination of the Elect and the Fallen world, the fact that your religion is one amongst many is not a surprise. That few have the right faith may not bother you at all. As far as I am aware, nothing about your religion says that it should not appear to an outsider as one among many. Strange then that advocates of the OTF tell you that the existence of other religions discredits your religion. You can reasonably say, "my religion looks like one of many to you? Swell, your point being? We agree about this, and it bothers me not. For chances are that you are not one of the Elect and are not destined for Salvation and understanding. That you and others do not believe as I do does not surprise me in the least; if anything, I would be surprised if outsiders readily understood the Truth and could easily aspire to it, as I understand otherwise."

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  1. "...We agree about this, and it bothers me not."

    That's the kicker, ain't it. It does bother me. I wish it bothered me that this soul is in big trouble, but I'm usually bothered because I want others to agree with me. Even so, I at times am able to walk in the Spirit, and so can shake the dust of my pants, and say a prayer.

    have a great Lord's day in Christ, who is a Friend who cares, and who brought us to His father, so that we can now worship Him in Spirit and truth.