Thursday, June 02, 2011

Vocational education

Atheist epologists are fond of touting a sociological correlation between education and atheism: as a rule, those with more education are less religious while those with less education are more religious.

Statistics are interesting things. Here’s another, albeit neglected, correlation involving educational achievements which, for some odd reason, atheist epologists are not as eager to tout:

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  1. years ago I worked with some women from Germany at a very low-end job in a chain flea market. One of them said that if she'd stayed in Europe she'd have made more money as a hooker and even have the option to be part of a union with medical benefits. Here she was working a dead-end job at a chain flea market with a manager who was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force on sexual harassment charges, apparently. Anecdotal, of course, but possibly relevant.

    But then some atheists would probably argue that the sex trade is a perfectly legitimate and respectable trade. There are certainly atheists who would find it problematic that women seek out prostitution as a profession but how do we know for sure that many, or even any, unbelievers would necessarily find this objectionable?