Thursday, June 02, 2011

Nice guys finish last

Better a man-centered theology than one that revolves around a being hardly distinguishable from the devil.

What is Reprehensible about Calvinism
Though consistent in form, the theory of supralapsarianism is utterly repugnant...This heinous philosophical-theological error places one's salvation in a cold (seemingly arbitrary) decree...

Which reminds to spot Arminians and Calvinists:


The good boy. Sensitive male. Wears a bow-tie. Does whatever mommy tells him. Eats the right food. Never swears, smokes, drinks, or dates girls who do. Was class president. Won state spelling bee. Never cut class. In bed by 9 every night. Drives hybrid car. Never speeds, double parks, or walks on the grass. Sorts garbage into specified recycling bins. Into checkers. Barbershop quartet. Think Father Knows Best.


The bad boy. Gone to the devil. Has that daredevil, devil-may-care attitude. Tattoos. Wears leather jacket. Rides a Harley. Plays a mean game of pool and poker. Into football, hockey, MMA, motocross, windsurfing, hang gliding, autoracing. Hunting. Latin dance. Think Magnum P. I. The Hustler. The Cincinnati Kid. 


  1. Tattoos. Wears leather jacket. Rides a Harley...

    Heh, I'm in luck. I just had a Harley tattoo put on my leather jacket!

  2. Wait, wait James White has on occasion worn a bow tie does this mean he's a crypto-arminian? Not.