Thursday, April 14, 2011

Michael Licona And Craig Keener On The Historicity Of Miracles

Brian Auten has linked to an interview Michael Licona conducted with Craig Keener on the historicity of miracles. Both men are New Testament scholars who have studied the historicity of miracles in Biblical and post-Biblical times. Keener recently completed a book on the subject that's more than a thousand pages long. They mostly discuss miracle accounts from this generation, but also some from earlier post-Biblical generations. The accounts of modern miracles that they discuss include resurrections and nature miracles and some miracles they witnessed. They address some of David Hume's objections and discuss some of their interactions with scholars who are skeptical of miracles. They also discuss why miracles don't happen in some situations.


  1. Judging by the site JD has linked above, it looks like the book is supposed to be a little under one thousand pages. I thought Keener had said, during the interview, that the book would be over a thousand pages long. Maybe my memory of what he said is wrong, or maybe somebody else has given out a wrong or incomplete number for some reason.