Friday, April 29, 2011

"Global" atheist convention

On the one hand:

The March 2010 Global Atheist Convention  (GAC)  in Melbourne, Australia from 12th to 14th of March, was a watershed event that lived up to its theme, The Rise of Atheism, in so many ways. Over 2,500 people attended this largest, priceless gathering of freethinkers  to hear from more than 25 of the world’s most prominent atheists, philosophers, scientists, commentators and comedians.

On the other hand:

According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 04/29/11 at 22:40 UTC (EST+5) is


  1. A 100 to 1 student to teacher ratio isn't so bad for a gathering predicated upon, and self-defined by, what its attendees profess not to believe.

    I'm no gambler, but I'd bet that out of the entire population of the world I could get more than 2,500 people to attend a gathering, the sole purpose of which being a denial of the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM).

    I would also up the ante by wagering that I could gather more than 25 lecturers to address the topic in depth as well.

    Any tips on a catchy name with a memorable acronym? Bonus points for an acrostic.

    In Christ,

  2. Yes, but could you do this with the event set in Australia?

    Note: is there a reason it was held in Australia? I don't understand it myself.

  3. In other news, the American Atheists National Convention recently drew a whopping 750 attendees to Des Moines!

  4. According to my calculations, the people who attended the Global atheist convention equals about 1/276,6130 of the world's population.

    I hate to say it, but "global" isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind.

  5. That people who have no reason for being would reasonably want to be anywhere is a mystery.

  6. Sorry, the ratio is actually 1/2,766,130