Monday, April 25, 2011

Deflating Cosmology


  1. Another attempt to rejig cosmology to fit the fable of Genesis.

  2. Another string of empty rhetoric from a secularist too incompetent to present an argument.

  3. Papa(bellybutton)linton,

    (I see you removed your post)

    Um, you're trying to argue that it's another attempt to rejig cosmology to fit Genesis. Peter said you have an empty string of rhetoric. You then tried to answer Pike but ended up undermining your initial claim. How, you say? Well, he's not trying to "rejig" anything to fit the Bible. Indeed, he claims that "the Bible" does indeed teach what we see from Big Bang cosmology, viz., "Although the Bible certainly teaches such creation." However, what he does is to take a *scientific* theory of the cosmos and points out that it may show that "dogmatic reliance" on Big Bang cosmology---N.B. a reliance that is often used to argue for God's existence and the truth of the biblical narrative---is unwise as it is speculative and may go the way of a Newtonian cosmos. This "cyclic cosmology" would certainly not be in accord with what Byl says the Bible teaches (though an Thomistic philosopher wouldn't necessarily have a problem with it)!

    It is incredible that you would say he's trying to "rejig" cosmology to fit Genesis when he undermines a cosmology he claims fits with something Genesis teaches with one that doesn't! Only a severe disposition against all things and people religious would seem to explain your horrible misread of the situation. Emotional reaction instead of the fable of the atheist with his calm, dispassionate, calculated interactions. No, Byl is, if anything, bringing the tools of his scientific anti-realism into play here. In this he's not doing anything uniquely "religious." There are many, many atheists who are anti-realists about science. In fact, many atheists are anti-realists across the board---fits better with their atheism. So, Byl's position, like it or not, is a respectable one. In fact, it's the position of the most influential philosopher of science in the last 40 years, Bas van Fraassen. So, you simply reacted like a fundy village atheist. Much like if someone had a post on, I dunno, say, evolution, and a fundy theist came in and only said, "Another attempt to rejig the fossil record to fit the fable of Darwin." You can almost say you've see that comment a thousand times. Uh-oh, you are what you loathe. You are the mirror opposite of fundy Appalachian Mountain Christians. Brothers under the skin. Cut from the same cloth.

  4. Hi Paul

Yes. i got the joke about 'belly button' = lint-on the navel. Probably a couple thousand times.

    But more importantly, now I understand, why almost every post on the Triablogue site has so few, variously between none and 6 comments [tops], attached to it. 
Then I realized this is not a debating forum. This is a sycophants forum. For every comment positing an alternative to the one posted, is censored. By far the biggest button that the Triablogue 'brainstrust' have on their server console, and the one that works overtime, is the big red 'DELETE DELETE DELETE' mushroom.

What a pathetic bunch of woosy faery believers masquerading as god's soldiers.