Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Resources on 2K statecraft




  1. Not sure why but all those links 404 except the second one.

  2. Those not working have a space at the end of the url which needs removed.

    The vandrunen one for instance has ".htm ", this should be ".htm"

  3. I'd also add your succinct thoughts to this list as well:

    Klinean Statecraft.

  4. In the first link, in the John Frame article, isn't he using sola scriptura is a way contrary to its theological meaning?

    My understanding is that sola scriptura means the Bible contains all knowledge necessary for salvation, which is very different from how he's using it in his discussion about 'natural law' saying 'sufficient for human life'.

    If God intends humans, to spend an eternity worshiping and discovering Him, clearly the bible is 'not sufficient for human life'.

    But lets say, for argument's sake, that by 'sufficient for human life' he means 'sufficient for sanctification (holy living)', both [Heb 6:1] and [Rom 14:1-19] makes it clear different believers are at different stages of maturity in Christ, so this definition of sola scriptura is not even sufficient for effective human governance.

    If it were, we wouldn't need the person of Christ as our King.