Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying pigs

Next the Calvinists will be suggesting that pigs can fly.

Specially designed containers are used to ship young breeding pigs by air...To prevent fighting during air transport, pigs should be grouped into groups that will fly together in a container at the farm of origin.   


  1. The links seem not to work.


  2. Steve, so ... should he have indicated that pigs fly of their own accord?

    Seems like you've handily answered his challenge.

  3. I don't understand it when atheists (who presumably hold to Darwinism) use that phrase. Since, they can't rule out the possibility that pigs do or may one day fly. Why?:

    1. the limits of induction (especially if atheism were assumed) would imply that unless and until the entire universe (or even the world ensemble if the multiverse theory were allowed) were examined, one can't rule out the possibility that pigs currently fly somewhere. But that only applies to the present. What about the past and future? This leads to the second reason.

    2. Given Darwinism, pigs may have once flown and either evolved back to a non-flying state; or those species (or sub-species) of pigs are now extinct. But even then, living pigs may still one day evolve to fly (again or for the first time). If dinosaurs were able to do it, why not pigs? They may even evolve to be able to manufacture airplanes and pilot them. Would that count? ;^)