Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reality check at the LHC

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  1. Cited argument states: "CMS scientists have also found no evidence for micro black holes in their 12,500 tonne detector."

    Not surprising. Black holes, cannot, and do not exist in nature (this against popular modern belief).

    David Hilbert proved infinities cannot exist in nature (it is merely a metaphysical concept ONLY). Blackholes require regions of infinite gravity (called singularities).

    Obviously, the theory of blackholes has theoretical problems then, given that they presume infinities which cannot, and do not exist.

    So how do you explain those regions of space we currently call 'blackholes' - you ask?

    Perhaps what scientists believe are 'blackholes' are actually gravistars which look act and feel like blackholes (except they cannot compress space infinitely). If true, there is no problem.

    It is only on faith, blackholes are thought to exist. However if the preconditions for the emergence of blackholes is impossible (namely the creation of a metaphysical object (infinity) as a singularity), clearly this faith is false.