Friday, November 13, 2009

The evolution of values

Two posts from Uncommon Descent:
  1. "Robert Wright and the Evolution of Compassion"
  2. "Robert Wright's Evolution of Compassion Revisited"


  1. O Great Steve Hays:

    I agree with you that America was founded upon Christian Principles. As we know, American Justice uses stairs decisis (Let the decision Stand) as an all-important.

    I came across a certain Confession of Faith from a certain cult which shall not be named here (but we’ll call it the Snake Cult) that contradicts this. Their Confession of Faith states: All synods or councils, since the apostles' times, whether general or particular, may err; and many have erred. Therefore they are not to be made the rule of faith, or practice . . . .

    What is your opinion on this?

  2. That would be stare decisis, not stairs decisis.

    No, stare decisis is not "all-important." It simply creates a presumption. But SCOTUS has always reserved the right to overrule lower court rulings or even reverse its own rulings.

    And I agree with the WCF.

  3. Very Good! Obama will be glad to hear that you will support him when Sotomeyer and the Supreme Court overturns the First Amendment to make Islam the State Religion! Glad to see that you are not one of those Fundie Teabaggers!

  4. I see you can't tell the difference between a normative statement and a descriptive statement. I'm not stating what I think SCOTUS is entitled to do. I'm merely answering your question on its own terms with a historical description of the high court's modus operandi.