Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Self-Defeating Skepticism

Here's a recent thread at Stand To Reason on the trustworthiness of the gospels. Notice that the skeptics in the thread show so little knowledge of the subjects they're discussing, as if they haven't done much research. They often raise objections to the Bible that, if they were consistent, they would have to apply to non-Christian historical sources and common human behavior in everyday life. If you're going to object to the reliability of human memory, paraphrasing people, translating what people have said, etc., then your objections reach far beyond the Bible.

Two of the skeptics participating in the thread, Joe and Bino Bolumai, posted on Triablogue in the past. Joe was banned after he lied about his identity, and Bino Bolumai was caught lifting material from an unreliable skeptical web site and presenting that material as if it was his own.

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