Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cartographic ecclesiology

I’m gratified to see that Jay Dyer continues to find religious certainty in the one true church…es:

It’s just one more piece evidence, as if further evidence were needed, that high churchmen enjoy a rock of stability denied the stray sheep of schismatic evangelicalism.

For Dyer, the roadmap for finding the one true church resembles a calendar. The identity the one true church varies with which pretty picture adorns which month of the calendar you’re gazing at. Every month, Dyer discovers the one true church–which differs from the last one true church, which differs from the next to the last one true church…

His compass is, without fail, oriented to true north–except when the needle is pointing northeast, or east, or southeast, or south, or southwest, or west, or…

Ecclesiology is synonymous with cartography.


  1. How many brides does Dyer think Christ is supposed to have, anyways? Is Dyer a polygamist?

  2. Serial polygamist! More exes than a Hollywood movie star!

  3. Why, Liz Taylor looks modest in comparison!