Friday, March 20, 2009

The Carrier/Craig Debate On The Resurrection

Richard Carrier and William Lane Craig debated on the subject of the resurrection earlier this week. Some early debate reviews and an audience member's audio recording of the debate have been posted on the discussion board at Craig's web site. Click on "OPEN FORUM" in the left column. You have to be registered to access the forum. Here's a link directly to the audience member's audio recording. (There are some problems with the audio, apparently, namely background noise and the volume of Carrier's closing remarks. If you want higher quality audio, wait for another version. That's what I'm going to do.) And here's the blog account of the debate from the person who did the recording. There's been some discussion in the comment section of an old thread at Carrier's blog as well.


  1. MP3 Audio of the Craig/Carrier debate can be found here at Apologetics 315. Easier than listening from the web page audio player.

  2. Richard Carrier has posted a review of the debate on his blog. He admits that he was disappointed in his own performance and felt he lost the debate.

  3. The debate is now up on youtube.