Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Bad Argument Against Irenaeus

Jon Curry keeps repeating a bad argument that's been answered already:

What do we do with Irenaeus when he tells us Jesus lived to the age of 50 and we know he wants this to be true to combat so called heretics? What should we think when he similarly tells us that the apostle John wrote the 4th gospel? We know he wants to give the text apostolic authority. Shouldn't we approach such claims cautiously? I think so. Jason doesn't. He just takes it at face value. He wants that one to be true, but doesn't want the claim of Jesus living to the age of 50 to be true. So he accepts the former and rejects the latter. Is this a consistent methodology?

It's a bad argument to begin with. I've answered it multiple times already. And Jon doesn't even attempt to interact with what I've said on the subject. Compare his comments above to what I wrote in response to him more than two years ago, especially in the last post of the thread.

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