Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jay Dyer: Puppet of the International Jewish Conspiracy

“With his usual vitriol, Calvinist Steve Hays of Triablogue…”

Vitriolic? Dyer posts a vitriolic attack the Jews and then feigns indignation at my (alleged) vitriol. Anyway, my post was satirical rather than vitriolic.

“Who mocks and derides conspiracy theories (though apparently he doesn't read the news which speaks on a daily basis about the ‘New World Order’) , has decided to attack yet again, this time in defense of Zionists.”

In other words, Dyer gets his information about the International Jewish Conspiracy from reading the newspaper. But didn’t he tell us that the news media is a front organization for the International Jewish Conspiracy?

So Dyer is getting his information about the International Jewish Conspiracy from organs of the International Jewish Conspiracy. Dyer has been duped by the International Jewish Conspiracy. He’s a pawn of the Zionists. A puppet of Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild.

That’s not surprising. After all, I happen to know that his coblogger, Mack Barnes, is a Zionist plant.

(Nat Rothschild told me that when I saw him last—at the annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission.)

“Hays here ventures into a realm in which he knows absolutely nothing, calling the article a ‘theory.’ Its not a theory that the Jewish organizations listed are pro-abortion, Steve.”

I didn’t venture a comment on that claim. Dyer is tilting at windmills.

“It's a sad fact that ‘Jews’ make up around 2% of the population and provide around half of the funding for abortion.”

It’s an equally sad fact that in 2005, the American Life League identified 72 pro-abortion Catholics in Congress:

It’s also a sad fact that Catholic Justice William Brennan was the brains behind Roe v. Wade:

“There are no liberal Catholics that support abortion. They are not Catholic and according to canon law are ipso facto excommunicated.”

The Vatican is quite capable of publicly excommunicating someone when it wants to send a message, viz. Luther, Cranmer, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Frederick II, Castro, Perón, Lefebvre, &c.

Why has it never seen fit to publicly excommunicate an influential proabortion Catholic politician?

By contrast, Joe Lieberman was publicly excommunicated because his voting record went against traditional Jewish ethics:

“World Jewry is undeniably anti-christ to the core in its upper-echelons of power: banking, finance, etc. How does Hays not know this?”

Irrelevant to any of my comments. Dyer likes to scatter little decoys hither and yon to deflect attention away from his inability to address my specific criticisms.

“The point of the post is the predominance of Jewish organizations in the promotion of abortion.”

No, the point of the piece is to smear Jews qua Jews.

“Why is Hays denying this and defending Zionism?”

I didn’t take any position on Zionism in my post. Yet another diversionary tactic on Dyer’s part.

“I believe the Jews will convert to Christianity in the future (Romans 11).”

And when will Catholics convert to Christianity?

“Arabs are semites, so for Jews to hate Arabs or Jesus is ‘anti-semitic.’ Pro-life Jews make all these same criticisms: are they anti-semitic?”

Meaning is based on usage, not etymology.

“There is nothing in my views that precludes the Inspiration of the Old Testament: I defend it frequently.”

The article which he approvingly posted verbatim on his blog says “The old testament, in Exodus 21:22-23 shows us that the Jews did not regard unborn lives as human beings as reflected in the laws during that period.”

That means the Mosaic law merely codifies Jewish opinion. It’s not a divine law code.

“Moses said they were a ‘crooked and perverse race’ in Deuteronomy, foreshadowing their rejection of Christ. Is that anti-semitic?”

Moses was Jewish, too. Did he include himself in that statement? Did he include the Jewish Messiah in that statement? Did he include the Jewish Apostles in that statement?

“Hays is obviously unaware of Talmudic teaching as well.”

Is Dyer a Talmudist? Does he read the Talmud in the original?

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