Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"True love waits"

“All of us in the CICCU [Cambridge Intercollegiate Christian Union], I think, accepted the fact that a Christian should not have sex before marriage. With all the colleges being single-sex and only two of them being for women, there was not the pressure of continual contact experienced in modern universities. Most of us hoped to be happily married and were content to wait till marriage had come into sight as a practical possibility before forming alliances with girlfriends. The women of the two colleges had recently formed their own Christian union and they brought their friends to the CICCU evangelistic sermon where they sat is rows reserved for them, but there was virtually no mixing up of men and women. Incredible though it may sound today, this was to us one way of ‘seeking first the kingdom of God.” And God wonderfully added the blessing of happy marriages to nearly all of us. Some sixty of us went down from Cambridge in 1934 and we kept in touch with each other by six-monthly duplicated letters thereafter and, in spite of prudish upbringings and lack of sexual knowledge, not a single one of our first marriages went wrong,” J. Wenham, Facing Hell: An Autobiography 1913-1996 (Paternoster Press 1998), 54.

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  1. You know, I was the last generation at my undergraduate school that had to live with the "Men and women can only visit in each others' rooms on Sundays - with the door open and both feet on the floor rule." That was just 20 years ago. Times - they have changed quickly, and not for the better. On the other hand, I had an RA during my freshman year who everybody on our floor knew was, how shall I say, less than faithful to that rule - even during the week. Good NCBSC school that was, wasn't it?