Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Magi

“These verses [Matthew 2:1-12] show us that there may be true servants of God in places where we should not expect to find them. The Lord Jesus has many ‘hidden ones,’ like these wise men. Their story on earth may be as little known as that of Melchizedek, Jethro, and Job. But their names are in the book of life, and they will be found with Christ on the day of his appearing. It is well to remember this. We must not look round the earth and say hastily, ‘All is barren.’ The grace of God is not tied to places and families. The Holy Spirit can lead souls to Christ without the help of any outward means. Men may be born in dark places of the earth, like these wise men, and yet like them be made ‘wise for salvation.’ There are some traveling to heaven at this moment, of whom the church and the world know nothing. They flourish in secret places like the ‘lilly among thorns,’ and seem to ‘waste their sweetness on the desert air.’ But Christ loves them, and they love Christ.” (J.C. Ryle, cited in Nancy Guthrie, ed., Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus [Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 2008], p. 110)

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