Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I'm sorry, but we regret to make this announcement. Obviously this will be our last post on Triablogue. Please continue to check out our weblog, Talking Out of Turn (TOOT) Talking When I'm Told, if you'd like to follow our story. Thanks.


  1. We wish to express our heart-felt solidarity with our beleaguered comrades, Pat and Charlie, as they bravely fight back the encroaching shadows of intolerance and superstition.

  2. Patrick and Charles need to make much out of their schooling under apologist Steve Hays, as well as their years at the T-blog Evangelical Divinity School. They also need to ad some cred to their website. I suggest coming up with a varient on the Loftusian bat-boy argument.

  3. I would like to point out the following logical argument.

    1) I am half as intollerant as someone twice as intollerant as me.

    2) 1) is true.

    3) Therefore I am capable of making a truth statement.

    4) All non-Pastafarians are going to hell.

    5) 4) Is a statement made by me.

    6) Because of 3), 4) could be true.

    7) Therefore, there is the possibility that Patrick and Charlie are saved while Christians are damned.

    8) Therefore, I am now a Wiccan Jehovah's Witness.

  4. Thank you, my brothers, for supporting us in this a difficult time as we transition from fidelity to infidelity! :-)

  5. Patrick,

    I should point out that Arian, my lvl 20 Druid, totally pwnz0rz j00r lvl 18 Ranger, Lo-fi.

    J00 ph41l3d j00r 54v1n6 r011!!!11!11!!111!! Di3 n00b