Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shim, the pro-choice advocate


shelly said:

you boys should just shut your yappers. if a woman wants your opinion on what to do with her body, she'll beat it out of you.

'nuff said.

11/04/2007 5:19 AM


Ah yes, the enlightened, rational, scientific mind of the pro-choice advocate.

Since the "unborn child"/extra body part she is referring to was male, and since "it" is part of her body, and since it has a penis, then she has a penis. Pro-choice rhetoric implies that some of our wives have penises. I am she-male, hear me roar.

Also, since the "unborn child"/extra body part has its own distinct set of 46 chromosomes, then "Shelly" has a total of 92 chromosomes! Normal humans are only supposed to have 46. Pro-choice rhetoric turns pregnant women into freaks.

People who have an improper amount of chromosomes have been called retarded. Perhaps this explains the level of argumentation the pro-choice side employs.


  1. Pro-choice also turns women into spiders, since they have eight limbs, counting the four limbs the fetus has.

  2. you go boys!

  3. The pro-choice position looked stupid, rather than conceed that the evil Christians have a point, we'll just shift the context of dialogue and turn the discussion into an emotional free for all. You go hermi the hermaphrodite!

  4. anonymous = Paul

    so sad.

  5. I'm paul manata
    and I'm on the mike
    gonna hip to the hop
    thro gods holy reich

    If yo' diss my god
    say he ain't all that
    gonna convince ya'
    with my base ball bat

    my rythms smooth
    and my chin is high
    if you dis my god
    your teeth will fly

    I'll knock you down
    my tail will wag
    as I nail yo' punk
    with a well placed "TAG"

    coz I believe in my god
    the big fai-ry
    due to the impossibility
    of the con tra ry

    my x-ian rhymes gonna
    be so sweet
    they make no sense
    byt I'll have you beat

    if you dare to question
    and I lose my faith
    my fist will quickly
    find your face

    so don't you dare
    disturb my cool
    coz without god
    I'm a raving fool!

  6. Anonymous said...

    anonymous = Paul

    so sad


    Above = Paul

    So sad....