Sunday, November 04, 2007

Keep your hands off my body!


“you boys should just shut your yappers. if a woman wants your opinion on what to do with her body, she'll beat it out of you.”

Of course, this is boilerplate feminism, but let’s subject it to a dash of rational scrutiny.

The article that Peter referred to was not about a generic “woman,” but about a mother. A pregnant woman is a mother. Indeed, in this case, the mother was also someone’s wife.

Now, she apparently conceived the child the old-fashioned way, and last time I checked on the logistics of this procedure, it would actually involve a male body intersecting with a female body. So the rhetoric of female autonomy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when we’re talking about a married woman who is having conjugal relations with a man.

In this respect, lesbians are a bit more consistent. They realize that you can’t mouth slogans about female autonomy if you make your life with a man. To be married to, or even live with a man, implies a relationship of emotional codependency.

Mind you, lesbians are only a bit more consistent, since all they’re doing is to suppress their natural (sexual and maternal) instincts to make a political statement. From far being emancipated, they negate their feminine self-fulfillment.

In addition, to be a mother (and a pregnant woman is mother) is already to be in a relationship with another—your baby. By definition, motherhood is a social role. So it’s the opposite of autonomy.


  1. Also, the fetus has its own distinct DNA, does it not? If true, then any notions of it simply being a part of a woman's body can't even get off the ground.

  2. "if a woman wants your opinion on what to do with her body, she'll beat it out of you.”

    Does a female fetus have a right to decide what happens to her body?