Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Religious, But Not Christian

This is reminiscent of the absurd memorial services that occurred after September 11, 2001. This sort of thing is now commonplace in our culture and many others, and it occurs in spite of the fact that so many of our political leaders and others in our society claim to be Christian. What are all of the parents, pastors, and other authority figures who influence these politicians doing? What are they teaching them? What are they not teaching them?

"The events of September 11 last year unleashed in the Christian community a tidal wave of compassion and cowardice. The compassion at ground zero and beyond has been beautiful, and is owing to the life that remains in the tree of conviction concerning Jesus Christ. The cowardice is owing to the fact that for many the root of the tree of conviction has been severed. A long time before September 11, the ax of unbelief had been laid to the root of conviction and the withering of courage was predicable. The cowardice I have in mind, of course, is not the daring of Todd Beamer on United Flight 93 over Pennsylvania (class of '91). The cowardice I have in mind is the fear in the hearts of Christian clergy to make the supremacy of Jesus Christ central in the public, religious events that followed the calamity, especially when Muslims were present. When Jesus Christ himself, the crucified God-man and the Lord of glory, is made subordinate to the cultivation of amicable, patriotic, religious feeling, he is crucified afresh on the altar of clerical cowardice. It was a sad spectacle." (John Piper)

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