Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Live Blogging the Founders Conference

Quick PSA:

Johnny on the Spot Timmy Brister is live blog ging the National Founders Conference this week. On the Pyromaniacs channel, Dan Phillips is doing the same. Good for them! I also suspect, given some recent comments about Isaac McCoy, Wade Burleson is in attendance. Frank Turk and Tad Thompon are also among them.

Read friends would come to Ridgecrest in November (Love ya, Brothers!)

This news beats the daylights out of the latest on Paris Hilton this week, dunnit?

We know return you to your regular Triablogue.


  1. Gene,

    Man, I wish I were there. It would be great meeting you folks and fellowshipping.

    The only person I really know is Frank so please say hello for me. Though I feel like I know several of you through the blogs, etc.


  2. Brother, I'm in the same boat as you are. I'm in physical therapy for a hip that's stuck in flexion, so I can't go too far from home. Heck, I'm takin' Soma, so I can't really drive too far at all - maybe a few blocks from home at most.