Saturday, June 09, 2007

Calvinism and the FLBC: Episode 2: A New Hope

Yes, I know, the Star Wars metaphors are cute, aren't they...but if SBC Outpost can use them so I can I!

Dr. Hargrave from Riverbend Community Church has posted an open letter to Brothers Sullivan and Searle and Dr. Vines and Johnny Hunt, in rebuttal to Dr. Vines' sermon.


It is not Dr. Vine’s right to preach it that I question, nor Woodstock’s right to believe it. My concern relates to the forum that has been provided by Dr. Sullivan and the Florida Baptist Convention for the dissemination of Dr. Vines’ views through funds which come from local churches who vehemently disagree with the misrepresentations presented in the sermon on Calvinism.

…If this is the official view of the Florida Baptist Convention, it needs to be communicated forthrightly. If it is not (which is the case), it should not have been sent with funds from our local congregations. Now that the damage is done, I would call on Dr. Sullivan to do the right thing and send a rebuttal sermon from the other side of the issue to the same recipients who received Dr. Vine’s sermon — with the same official endorsement given to the Vines sermon. To be balanced, it would be four sermons on the same subjects, with the exception of replacing Calvinism with Arminianism.

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